Has the time come for climate engineering?

Hurricane Emily and moon

David Victor and co-authors, M. Granger Morgan, Jay Apt, John Steinbruner, and Katherine Ricke have written a provocative piece, The Geoengineering Option, in Foreign Affairs that is helping to catalyze a debate over the best policy course for this mitigation strategy.

As climate change accelerates, policymakers may have to consider geoengineering as an emergency strategy to cool the planet. Engineering the climate strikes most as a bad idea, but the article argues that the earth's rapidly warming trend necessitates a serious look at geoengineering.

The world's slow progress in cutting carbon emissions and the looming danger that the climate could take a sudden turn for the worse, require policymakers to take a closer look at emergency strategies for curbing the effects of global warming.~ from The Geoengineering Option

Below is a schema of geoengineering options to help mitigate for the earth's warming climate.


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