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David G. Victor

  • Professor at the School of International Relations and Pacific Studies and Director of the School’s new Laboratory on International Law and Regulation
School of International Relations and Pacific Studies UC San Diego San Diego, CA
(858) 534-3254 (voice)

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Hurricane Emily and moon

Has the time come for climate engineering?

David Victor and several co-authors write in the current issue of Foreign Affairs about the controversial topic of climate engineering, a strategy for addressing the earth's warming climate.
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The big winner is coal

Coal is looking like the energy winner in the current economic crisis, David Victor and Varun Rai say in Newsweek. Declining coal prices coupled with a crippled world economy means more countries are pushing ahead for energy extracted from coal. The implementation and further development of clean coal technology is also at a standstill due to a lack of investment capital and falling CO2 prices.
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Natural gas could become a significant percent of the fuel mix in China

China's need to lower its carbon and sulfur dioxide emissions could steer its energy demand towards natural gas. However, this shift would be contingent on financial reforms in particular. This study delves deeper into the geo-political factors behind the potential for this energy source in three major urbanizing regions in China.