Wolak: Is Banning Natural Gas Really The Answer?

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On June 3, Program on Energy and Sustainable Development (PESD) Director Frank Wolak participated as one of three energy experts in a virtual panel discussion evaluating the pros and cons of proposed “reach codes”  banning natural gas in the city of Los Altos, California.  The panel discussion - "Mandating All Electric:  Is Banning Natural Gas Really The Answer?" - was organized by a group of Los Altos residents who believe city residents’ voices need to be considered in government decisions. 

Reach codes are being considered for all new residential and commercial building construction, and all “scrape” remodels in the city.  A reach code is a local building energy code that reaches beyond the state minimum requirements for energy and its use in building design and construction. These codes facilitate local government’s efforts focused on clean air, climate solutions, and renewable energy economics.

Recorded discussion