Thurber talks coal in Australia


monash mark thurber coal book
PESD Associate Director Mark Thurber discusses his forthcoming book "Coal" in a public lecture at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia and speaks on Radio Melbourne in November 2018.
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Mark Thurber, Stanford University

PESD Associate Director Mark Thurber visited Monash University in Melbourne, Australia in November where he discussed his forthcoming book, Coal (coming in May 2019 from Polity Press), in a public lecture.  Australia is the world's leading exporter of coal on an energy basis.  It is also a leader in the application of renewable energy, especially in South Australia, and it had a carbon tax from 2012 until 2014, when the Liberal Party government rescinded the policy.  All of these factors make coal a hot topic in Australian politics, and Mark had a chance to discuss with Rafael Epstein the challenges of replacing coal in the Australian context on Radio Melbourne in advance of the Victoria state election on November 24 (Rafael's introduction starts at 4:00).


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