Guest Lecture: China’s Coal and Power Conflict and Its Broad Impacts

Thursday, January 28, 2010
12:00 AM - 4:15 PM
Y2E2 111

PESD researcher Gang He will be guest lecturing in Stanford University's China Energy System course on China's coal and power conflict and its broad impacts on Chinese energy and climate policy.  He will discuss the most important feature in China's energy market - coal and power conflict, explain why there is a conflict and how it come into being, and analyze the broad impacts of the conflict on deploying CCS at scale and applying CDM in the Chinese power market.  Gang will also highlight some possible solutions to the coal and power conflict in China's energy market.

China Energy System(CEE 276F) is a directed readings course that studies the energy resources and policies in use and under development in the world's most populous nation.  As a country undergoing rapid and sustained economic growth, China's decisions as to how to meet its energy requirements will affect global energy markets and impact the global environment.  This course focuses on the areas of major impact that are forecast and will present a comparative analysis of China's energy management strategies.