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Results: Baker-Stanford Study

The joint James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy-Stanford University PESD study on the geopolitical implications of the worldwide shift to natural gas is nearly complete. Final drafts of the individual case studies and working papers — which were presented at the Geopolitics of Gas Conference — are available below, as are several presentations that cover study results and conclusions.

Summary Papers | Case Studies | Economic Modelling | Presentations

Summary Papers

An Analysis of Prospective Developments in the Natural Gas Trade and Geopolitical Implications | Platform Prospectus

Executive Summary of Study Results | Amy Jaffe and David Victor

Historical Case Studies

Factors that Explain Investment in Cross-Border Natural Gas Transport Infrastructures | Mark H. Hayes and David G. Victor

Liquefied Natural Gas from Indonesia: The Arun Project | Fred von der Mehden and Steve Lewis, Rice University.

Algerian Gas to Europe: The Transmed Pipeline and Early Spanish Gas Import Projects | Mark Hayes, Stanford University

The Belarus Connection: Exporting Russian Gas to Germany and Poland | David Victor and Nadejda Victor, Stanford University

Gas Trade in the Southern Cone | David Mares, University of California San Diego

International Gas in Central Asia: Turkmenistan, Iran, Russia and Afghanistan | Martha Olcott, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Liquefied Natural Gas from Trinidad and Tobago: The Atlantic LNG Project | Rob Shepherd and James Ball, Gas Strategies, Ltd.

Economic Modeling

A Global Market for Natural Gas? Prospects to 2035 | Peter Hartley and Kenneth B. Medlock III

Market Structure in the New Gas Economy: Is Cartelization Possible? | Amy Jaffe and Ron Soligo


GSB Energy Club ( 19.62 MB )| Presentation given by David Victor and Mark Hayes at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, 10 May 2004.

PESD Moscow Document: English Version ( 2.03 MB ) | Presentation given by David Victor, Nadejda Victor, and Mark Hayes at the Carnegie Endowment Moscow Center, Feb 2004.
*PESD Moscow Document: Russian Version ( 2.07 MB )*

Victor and Hayes ( 2.1 MB ) | Presentation given by David Victor and Mark Hayes at the Energy and Resources Group at the University of California, December 2003.

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