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On Measuring the Performance of National Oil Companies (NOCs)

September 2007

National oil companies (NOCs) appear resurgent in the global energy markets and now control a sizeable majority of the world's oil and gas reserves.

Innovation in China's Energy Sector

March 2007

The performance of China's national system of innovation has improved since reforms began in 1978, but reform impact by sector is not well characterized.

Natural Gas and Geopolitics: From 1970 to 2040

December 2006

By most estimates, global consumption of natural gas - a cleaner-burning alternative to coal and oil - will double by 2030.

National Security Consequences of U.S. Oil Dependency

October 2006

National Security Consequences of U.S.

Guangdong Electric Power Market Reform: Options and Impact

November 2004

The electricity industry of China's Guangdong Province has been in a process of reforms since the 1980s.

Algerian Gas to Europe: The Transmed Pipeline and Early Spanish Gas Import Projects

May 2004

A snapshot of the central Mediterranean region starting in the 1970's provides an ideal case for the analysis of decision making in cross-border natural gas transport projects.

Market Structure in the New Gas Economy: Is Cartelization Possible?

May 2004

As gas becomes a more important input to industrialized economies and the volume of gas traded in international markets increase, large consuming countries will begin to focus increasingly on the...

Political Economy of the Brazilian Power Industry Reform, The

December 2003

After a long period of rapid growth the Brazilian power industry entered a period of stagnation and crisis in the 1980s.

Axis of Oil?

March 2003