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Do State-Owned Companies Have Inside Access to the World’s Oil and Gas Resources?

January 2013

In a public lecture at the University of Tulsa, PESD associate director Mark Thurber critically considers the idea that national oil companies (NOCs) are elbowing aside private players, both on...

National oil companies can cause pain at pump, research shows

February 2012

State-owned oil companies dominate the world's oil supplies, and politicians often cannot resist getting involved.

Thurber, Hults, Heller publish "Norwegian Model" study in Energy Policy

July 2011

In their Energy Policy article, entitled "Exporting the ‘Norwegian Model': The effect of administrative design on oil sector performance," PESD researchers Mark Thurber, David Hults, and Patrick...

Morse speaks at State Department seminar on global development and climate change

February 2011

Richard K. Morse discussed how to reconcile global development goals -- which often rely on coal -- with US climate objectives at a US Department of State event on February 10th.

Wolak's climate op-ed featured in the UK Guardian

February 2011

PESD Director Frank Wolak explain how the unknown price tag of carbon and uncertainty of US National climate policy are impeding on investments for oil substitutes.

PESD releases study of Nigeria's national oil company NNPC

September 2010

Nigeria's national oil company NNPC is at the center of a profoundly dysfunctional oil sector in a country that some argue embodies the "resource curse." In a new study, PESD Associate Director...

PESD releases study of Norway's national oil company Statoil

May 2010

Norway is lauded as the rare example of a major oil and gas exporting country that has managed to avoid the "resource curse." A new study by PESD Associate Director Mark C.

PESD releases new Working Paper titled "Adapting to Shifting Government Priorities: An Assessment of the Performance and Strategy of India's ONGC

April 2010

In PESD's Working Paper #91 titled "Adapting to Shifting Government Priorities: An Assessment of the Performance and Strategy of India's ONGC," research fellow Varun Rai attempts to unpack the...

Associate Director Mark Thurber traveled to Edinburgh, Scotland to meet with Wood Mackenzie

March 2010

Mark Thurber met with Wood Mackenzie, a leading oil and gas research and consultancy company based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Should oil-producing countries emulate the "Norwegian Model"?

February 2010

PESD Associate Director Mark Thurber presented a paper on oil governance at the 2010 Annual Convention of the International Studies Association (ISA) held from February 17-20th in New Orleans.

Burton Richter in Roll Call: US climate bill needs more support for energy R&D

August 2009

PESD affiliated faculty Burton Richter argues in Roll Call that the climate bill passed by the US House of Representatives misses the mark on several fronts, especially in its inadequate funding...

Stanford announces $100 million for energy research, PESD to collaborate with new institute

January 2009

In a Jan. 12 press conference, Stanford President John Hennessy announced a new interdisciplinary initiative on energy issues and $100 million in new spending for energy research.

The big winner is coal

January 2009

Coal is looking like the energy winner in the current economic crisis, David Victor and Varun Rai say in Newsweek.

David Victor in Newsweek: The new greens like it big

December 2008

David G. Victor comments on the current flattening of investment in green technology due to market forces.

PESD carbon storage project database update released

November 2008

PESD researchers Varun Rai, Ngai-Chi Chung, Mark Thurber, and David Victor have released an updated version of the PESD Carbon Storage Project Database.

David Hults, PESD Research Fellow, Speaks on Latin American Oil Companies

November 2008

David Hults addressed the Center for Latin American Studies at Stanford where he discussed energy policy for three Latin American countries, Brazil, Mexico, and Venezuela-- within the context of a...

Victor to teach political economy of energy class again this winter

October 2008

PESD Director David Victor will be teaching "The Political Economy of Energy Policy" in the upcoming winter quarter.

Why the peak oil debate misses the point in an NOC-dominated world

September 2008

As oil prices surge through $140/barrel at the time of writing, surely one can at least count on the invisible hand of the market to drive further exploration and production and ultimately bring...

Wolak Argues Speculators Are Not to Blame for High Oil Prices

August 2008

Energy traders have lately been villainized as the cause of high energy prices, but Frank Wolak shows that the numbers don't support this logic.

Victor Pulls Back the Curtain; OPEC is No Wizard of the Oil Markets

August 2008

In a climate of extremely volatile energy prices, OPEC is taking directions from the market, not calling the shots. David G.

PESD releases case study of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation

July 2008

In a region popularly associated with monolithic states controlling secretive but effective national oil companies, Kuwait presents a surprising picture of bitterly divided government and a chaotic...


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