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Freight Rail Costing and Regulation: The Uniform Rail Costing System

March 2016

Railroad regulation in the post-Staggers Act regime compares the revenues earned to a measure of the “variable cost” of the shipment.

Evolution of China's Coal Institutions, The

August 2009

Coal is the major primary energy which fuels economic growth in China.

Finesses and Game-Changers in Frontier Project Development: The Case of Carbon Capture and Storage

August 2009

Project development is particularly challenging in “frontier” environments where alternative technologies, conflicting laws and agencies, and uncertain benefits or risks constrain the knowledge or...

Options for Short-Term Price Determination in the Brazilian Wholesale Electricity Market

July 2008

Introduction:This report describes the results of my analysis of the options for short-term price determination in the Brazilian electricity supply industry.

Reforming the Indian Electricity Supply Industry

January 2008

Regulating Competition in Wholesale Electricity Supply

November 2007

AbstractThe experience of the past ten years suggests that the potential benefits from electricity industry restructuring are small relative to those that can be achieved from introducing...

Fragmented Carbon Markets and Reluctant Nations

September 2007

Stanford Law School Professor and director of the Program on Energy and Sustainable Development, David Victor, authors the book chapter "Fragmented carbon markets and reluctant nations:...

The Effects of Power Sector Reform on Energy Services for the Poor

December 2005

This report examines the connections, if any, between efforts to enhance development through electrification of the world's poorest households with the parallel efforts to introduce market forces...

Energy Transitions in Developing Countries: a Review of Concepts and Literature

June 2005

The Industrial Revolution accompanied a dramatic change in energy systems, away from locally gathered, traditional fuels such as biomass to commercially traded fossil fuels.

International Gas in Central Asia: Turkmenistan, Iran, Russia and Afghanistan

May 2004

This paper explores the reasons why Turkmenistan has found it so difficult to market its natural gas.

Reform of the Chinese Electric Power Market: Economics and Institutions

January 2004

When the People's Republic was founded in 1949, the Chinese electricity industry, with only 1.85 GW installed capacity, was primitive.

Political Economy and the Hydrogen Revolution

September 2003

In recent years, the professional punditry has lofted hydrogen into the firmament of technological wonders.

Designing Competitive Wholesale Markets for Latin American Countries

June 2003

 Executive Summary The purpose of this paper is to present a general framework for electricity market design in Latin American Countries (LACs) that addresses the current problems facing...

Energy and Economic Development: An Assessment of the State of Knowledge

November 2002

Energy development, interpreted broadly to mean increased provision and use of energy services, is an integral part of enhanced economic development.

Vision for Global Electrification, A

August 2002

This paper is a working draft intended to both set the stage and stimulate discussion at the upcoming EPRI workshop on Global Electrification.