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Adverse Selection in an Opt-in Emissions Trading Program: The Case of Sectoral Crediting for Transportation

September 2010

Sectoral crediting mechanisms such as sectoral no-lose targets have been proposed as a way to provide incentives for emission reductions in developing countries as part of an international climate...

Making Carbon Offsets Work in the Developing World: Lessons from the Chinese Wind Controversy

March 2010

The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is the leading international carbon market and a driving force for sustainable development globally.

Promoting Clean Development Competing Market Mechanisms Post-2012

October 2009

(Excerpt) According to climate scientists, averting the worst consequences of climate change requires that the increase in global temperature should be limited to 2°C (or 3.6°F).

Measuring the Clean Development Mechanism's Performance and Potential

August 2008

The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol is the first global attempt to address a global environmental public goods problem with a market-based mechanism.

A Realistic Policy on International Carbon Offsets

April 2008

As the United States designs its strategy for regulating emissions of greenhouse gases, two central issues have emerged.

Measuring the Clean Development Mechanism's Performance and Potential (WP #56)

July 2006

Global warming is one of the most difficult and important challenges facing the international community. To date, the most substantial effort to address this problem is the Kyoto Protocol.

Carbon intensity of electricity generation and CDM baseline: case studies of three Chinese provinces

December 2005

A difficult and persistent issue in the discussion of Clean Development Mechanism is estimating a carbon emissions baseline, against which tradable permits may be certified.

Baseline for carbon emissions in the Indian and Chinese power sectors: implications for international carbon trading

January 2005

This paper was published by Energy Policy in January 2005.The study examines the dynamics of carbon emissions baselines of electricitygeneration in Indian states and Chinese provinces in the...