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New PESD Working Paper details challenges of designing carbon offsets for the transportation sector

September 2010

Programs to enlist developing countries in climate change mitigation by granting credits for carbon emissions reductions across entire sectors like transportation are quite appealing in principle....

PESD invited to World Bank meeting on CDM reform

May 2010

Researcher Richard K. Morse attended a World Bank consultation focusing on finding solutions to problems in the global carbon market (CDM).

PESD releases new Working Paper on the controversy over carbon offsets from Chinese wind power

March 2010

In a new Working Paper titled "Making Carbon Offsets Work in the Developing World: Lessons from the Chinese Wind Controversy," PESD researchers Gang He and Richard K.

PESD Researchers in Copenhagen for the United Nation's Climate Change Conference

December 2009

Richard Morse and Gang He will be present during the first week of the international climate negotiations at the UN’s COP 15.

PESD research fellow Varun Rai is featured in the Harvard International Review

November 2009

In a new article in the Fall 2009 issue of the Harvard International Review PESD research fellow Varun Rai discusses the critical elements of effective international carbon offsets markets.

Reducing Greenhouse Gases: Improving the Clean Development Mechanism

August 2007

The clean development mechanism (CDM) is a means for industrial nations, known as Annex 1 countries, to meet their greenhouse gas emissions reductions targets by taking credit for reductions from...

PESD fellow working paper examines Clean Development Mechanisms

July 2006

The Clean Development Mechanism ("CDM") was created by the Kyoto Protocol with the aims of encouraging emissions reductions in the developing world and cheapening greenhouse gas mitigation for...

Nuclear power for India is good for us all, says PESD director David Victor

March 2006

Victor's opinion piece supports, on environmental grounds, the recent deal to expand India's commercial nuclear program.

Electricity-Market Reforms and Global Climate Change

September 2005

For nearly two decades, most major developing countries have struggled to introduce market forces in their electric power systems.

Energy Policy publishes paper by PESD researchers

April 2005

Energy Policy, one of the world's leading journals on issues related to energy economics and politics, has published an article by PESD researchers Chi Zhang, Michael May, and Thomas Heller this...