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FSI scholars approach their research on the environment from regulatory, economic and societal angles. The Center on Food Security and the Environment weighs the connection between climate change and agriculture; the impact of biofuel expansion on land and food supply; how to increase crop yields without expanding agricultural lands; and the trends in aquaculture. FSE’s research spans the globe – from the potential of smallholder irrigation to reduce hunger and improve development in sub-Saharan Africa to the devastation of drought on Iowa farms. David Lobell, a senior fellow at FSI and a recipient of a MacArthur “genius” grant, has looked at the impacts of increasing wheat and corn crops in Africa, South Asia, Mexico and the United States; and has studied the effects of extreme heat on the world’s staple crops.

Recent News

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PESD to be at the United Nations Climate Change Conference Cancun

November 2010

Through an invitation by the International Emissions Trading Association, PESD researcher Richard Morse will be presenting PESD research findings on carbon markets.

PESD receives smart grid research grant from Stanford's TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy

November 2010

The TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy has awarded four research grants totaling $1.2 million to Stanford University researchers for smart power grid related studies.

New PESD Working Paper details challenges of designing carbon offsets for the transportation sector

September 2010

Programs to enlist developing countries in climate change mitigation by granting credits for carbon emissions reductions across entire sectors like transportation are quite appealing in principle....

PESD releases study of Nigeria's national oil company NNPC

September 2010

Nigeria's national oil company NNPC is at the center of a profoundly dysfunctional oil sector in a country that some argue embodies the "resource curse." In a new study, PESD Associate Director...

New PESD Working Paper explains China's dramatic surge in coal imports and its major impact on global coal markets

August 2010

PESD researchers Morse and He devise a model that explains Chinese coal import patterns and that can allow the coal market to understand, and to some degree predict, China's coal import behavior in...

PESD releases Dr. Bart Lucarelli's cutting edge analysis of one of the world's fastest growing and most important coal markets

July 2010

In PESD's Working Paper #93 - The History and Future of Indonesia's Coal Industry: Impact of Politics and Regulatory Framework on Industry Structure and Performance, Dr.

Join us at our "Climate Policy Instruments in the Real World" conference

June 2010

On September 7, 2010, the Program on Energy and Sustainable Development in collaboration with the Stanford University's Graduate School of Business and Stanford Law School hosted an all-day...

PESD releases study of Norway's national oil company Statoil

May 2010

Norway is lauded as the rare example of a major oil and gas exporting country that has managed to avoid the "resource curse." A new study by PESD Associate Director Mark C.

PESD invited to World Bank meeting on CDM reform

May 2010

Researcher Richard K. Morse attended a World Bank consultation focusing on finding solutions to problems in the global carbon market (CDM).

PESD releases new Working Paper titled "Adapting to Shifting Government Priorities: An Assessment of the Performance and Strategy of India's ONGC

April 2010

In PESD's Working Paper #91 titled "Adapting to Shifting Government Priorities: An Assessment of the Performance and Strategy of India's ONGC," research fellow Varun Rai attempts to unpack the...

PESD researcher Varun Rai to speak at UCLA School of Law's India and Climate Change conference

March 2010

PESD researcher Varun Rai will be a panelist on the challenges for domestic progress in India on climate and energy questions along with Ann Carlson (UCLA School of Law), Anjali Jaiswal (NRDC), and...

PESD releases new Working Paper on the controversy over carbon offsets from Chinese wind power

March 2010

In a new Working Paper titled "Making Carbon Offsets Work in the Developing World: Lessons from the Chinese Wind Controversy," PESD researchers Gang He and Richard K.

Associate Director Mark Thurber traveled to Edinburgh, Scotland to meet with Wood Mackenzie

March 2010

Mark Thurber met with Wood Mackenzie, a leading oil and gas research and consultancy company based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Should oil-producing countries emulate the "Norwegian Model"?

February 2010

PESD Associate Director Mark Thurber presented a paper on oil governance at the 2010 Annual Convention of the International Studies Association (ISA) held from February 17-20th in New Orleans.

The future of coal power will require hard choices

January 2010

PESD researcher Richard K. Morse lends his expertise on coal on NPR's Morning Edition.

PESD researcher Jeremy Carl's op-ed piece on India's recent climate and energy negotiations with the United States featured in Indian Express

January 2010

Jeremy Carl argues that despite India’s lack of a concrete binding target for significant CO2 emissions reductions, India’s climate commitments come through on other fronts.

PESD Researchers in Copenhagen for the United Nation's Climate Change Conference

December 2009

Richard Morse and Gang He will be present during the first week of the international climate negotiations at the UN’s COP 15.

A roadmap for U.S.-China collaboration on carbon capture and sequestration

November 2009

PESD researchers Tom Heller and Gang He contribute to a new report on US China CCS Collaboration

PESD research fellow Varun Rai is featured in the Harvard International Review

November 2009

In a new article in the Fall 2009 issue of the Harvard International Review PESD research fellow Varun Rai discusses the critical elements of effective international carbon offsets markets.

PESD researcher Varun Rai discusses India's climate change policies on ClimateOne at the Commonwealth Club

November 2009

PESD researcher Varun Rai along with Alexis Ringwald, a co-founder of Valence Energy and a co-organizer of the Climate Solutions Road Tour in India, answers questions regarding India’s critical...

PESD releases new working paper on the real drivers of carbon capture and storage in China and implications for climate policy

October 2009

PESD researchers Richard Morse, Gang He, and Varun Rai offer a cutting-edge analysis of China's carbon capture and sequestration efforts, which are now widely viewed as critical for stabilization...