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Solar lighting and charging research receives FSI funding

February 2012

PESD's new research on "Solar Lighting and Phone Charging in East Africa: Understanding Adoption, Business Models, and Development Outcomes" was awarded funding from the Freeman Spogli Institute’s...

PESD study assesses cookstove business models in India

September 2011

A PESD study just released in Energy Policy found that stove businesses are challenging but feasible with deep financial backing and managerial acumen.

Morse panelist at the 2011 Silicon Valley Energy Summit

June 2011

Richard Morse addresses key uncertainties remaining in the implementation of cap and trade in California, speaking to leaders from business, policy, and academia in California.

PESD receives smart grid research grant from Stanford's TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy

November 2010

The TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy has awarded four research grants totaling $1.2 million to Stanford University researchers for smart power grid related studies.

New PESD Working Paper details challenges of designing carbon offsets for the transportation sector

September 2010

Programs to enlist developing countries in climate change mitigation by granting credits for carbon emissions reductions across entire sectors like transportation are quite appealing in principle....

PESD releases study of Nigeria's national oil company NNPC

September 2010

Nigeria's national oil company NNPC is at the center of a profoundly dysfunctional oil sector in a country that some argue embodies the "resource curse." In a new study, PESD Associate Director...

Join us at our "Climate Policy Instruments in the Real World" conference

June 2010

On September 7, 2010, the Program on Energy and Sustainable Development in collaboration with the Stanford University's Graduate School of Business and Stanford Law School hosted an all-day...

PESD Director Frank Wolak delivers keynote at Agrion Business Network for Energy Event

June 2010

PESD Director Frank Wolak delivered his presentation on "Symmetric Treatment of Load and Generation: A Necessary Condition for Demand Response to Benefit Wholesale Market Efficiency and Manage...

PESD researchers Mark Thurber and Xander Slaski embarked on a recent trip to India

December 2009

Mark Thurber and Xander Slaski are traveling to India to learn more about the potential for commercial cookstove ventures.

David Victor in Newsweek: The new greens like it big

December 2008

David G. Victor comments on the current flattening of investment in green technology due to market forces.

Why the peak oil debate misses the point in an NOC-dominated world

September 2008

As oil prices surge through $140/barrel at the time of writing, surely one can at least count on the invisible hand of the market to drive further exploration and production and ultimately bring...

From Acai to Access: Distributed Electrification in Rural Brazil

July 2008

PESD researcher, Hisham Zerriffi, examines the success and failure in the use of small scale technologies for rural electrification.

Another Look at Renewables on India's Sagar Island

July 2008

India's Sagar Island is renowned among Hindu devotees for its pilgrimage sites and in the renewable energy community for its locally-managed solar and wind projects.

Newsweek: Victor looks at problems with Mexico's national oil company, effect on oil markets

April 2008

What to do about Mexico's oil company, Pemex, may seem like a parochial issue of interest only to Mexicans and a few oil industry executives.

Gazprom case study released

January 2008

Russia's Gazprom is among the largest companies in the world, and by far the world's largest producer of natural gas, with close to a 20% share.

PDVSA case study released

December 2007

Since 2002, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has dramatically reshaped the national oil company, PDVSA, to align it with his goals.

Zerriffi explores rural electrification business models

December 2007

Seeking to electrify the world as a charity venture is counterproductive, argues PESD affiliate faculty Hisham Zerriffi.

BP Foundation awards $7.5 million to Stanford for research on energy markets

June 2007

The BP Foundation has awarded a five-year, $7.5 million grant to Stanford University's Program on Energy and Sustainable Development to support research on modern energy markets.

Victor, Cullenward discuss climate change in Boston Review

February 2007

In Boston Review's January/February 2007 issue, PESD Director David Victor and PESD researcher Danny Cullenward discuss why pursuing technologies that burn coal more cleanly is the "only practical...

A crude awakening: Five FSI scholars talk to Stanford magazine about energy security

December 2006

Michael May, Michael McFaul, Scott Sagan, David Victor, and John Weyant talk to Stanford magazine for the November/December cover story on energy security.

Natural Gas and Geopolitics: From 1970 to 2040 book released

July 2006

The anticipated title from Cambridge University Press has been released in hard-cover and is available for purchase.

Electricity reform in South Africa is at a critical juncture, says Anton Eberhard

August 2004

Anton Eberhard writes that South Africa will experience routine electricity blackouts in a few years unless new electricity policy and investment decisions are formulated and implemented this year.


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