International Relations

International Relations

FSI researchers strive to understand how countries relate to one another, and what policies are needed to achieve global stability and prosperity. International relations experts focus on the challenging U.S.-Russian relationship, the alliance between the U.S. and Japan and the limitations of America’s counterinsurgency strategy in Afghanistan.

Foreign aid is also examined by scholars trying to understand whether money earmarked for health improvements reaches those who need it most. And FSI’s Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center has published on the need for strong South Korean leadership in dealing with its northern neighbor.

FSI researchers also look at the citizens who drive international relations, studying the effects of migration and how borders shape people’s lives. Meanwhile FSI students are very much involved in this area, working with the United Nations in Ethiopia to rethink refugee communities.

Trade is also a key component of international relations, with FSI approaching the topic from a slew of angles and states. The economy of trade is rife for study, with an APARC event on the implications of more open trade policies in Japan, and FSI researchers making sense of who would benefit from a free trade zone between the European Union and the United States.

Recent News

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Nuclear Energy Can Play A Role In Zero-Carbon Grid

July 2015

Professor Frank Wolak was recently interviewed by Julian Spector of CityLab regarding the use of nuclear energy in a zero-carbon grid.

Wolak: In Short Term, Lower Water Levels At Hoover Dam Will Not Impact Electricity Bills

July 2015

In a recent article by Sarah Tory, Professor Frank Wolak states that in the near term consumers should not expect a rise in electricity bills.

In Puebla, PESD Researchers Team Up With Stanford Students To Conduct Energy Use Survey

July 2015

Stanford students, under the guidance of the Stanford Program on Energy and Sustainable Development and in partnership with the Freeman Spogli Institute and the Universidad Popular Autónoma del...

Students trade carbon allowances and renewable energy certificates

July 2015

Stanford students traded carbon allowances and renewable energy certificates as part of a new web-based simulation developed at PESD.

Cuéllar looks back on leading FSI

December 2014

For 14 years, Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar has been a tireless Stanford professor who has strengthened the fabric of university’s interdisciplinary nature.

Stanford dialogue brings momentum to global energy conversation

February 2014

Inaugural conference hosted by Shorenstein APARC's Japan Program brings cross-sector experts together to discuss energy challenges and opportunities as the third anniversary of the Fukushima...

International Conference on Regional Carbon Policies

October 2013

We invite you to an international conference on “Regional Carbon Policies” that PESD is hosting at Stanford University on Thursday, December 5th.

Thurber and Wolak simulate carbon cap and trade in Stanford GSB course

September 2013

PESD associate director Mark Thurber and director Frank Wolak taught a course on "Energy Markets and Policy" at the Stanford Graduate School of Business in which student teams played the role of...

To promote adoption of household health technologies, think beyond health

September 2013

PESD associate director Mark Thurber and research collaborators at Stanford have found in a review of the medical and public health literatures that health improvement is rarely the principal...

Thurber discusses outlook for Latin American NOCs

September 2013

PESD associate director Mark Thurber spoke with David Casallas of Business News Americas about how the outlook for national oil companies in Latin America is shaped by governance and risk.

Market Monitoring in the US Energy Market by Frank Wolak /FSR Monthly Interview

April 2013

During a visit to Toulouse, France to present at “The Economics of Energy Markets” conference at the Toulouse School of Economics, PESD Director Frank Wolak was interviewed by Professor Jean-Michel...

U.S. shale gas prompts PRB coal producers to look to Asia

March 2013

In advance of the 2013 Pacific Energy Summit, which took place April 2-4 in Vancouver, Canada, PESD Associate Director Mark Thurber spoke with the National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR) about how...

Misguided “Oil Scarcity Ideology” Has Distorted US National Security Policy

February 2013

The “peak oil” fallacy is not new; in fact it has long inflicted real harm in the geopolitical sphere despite persistent evidence of its falsity.

Do State-Owned Companies Have Inside Access to the World’s Oil and Gas Resources?

January 2013

In a public lecture at the University of Tulsa, PESD associate director Mark Thurber critically considers the idea that national oil companies (NOCs) are elbowing aside private players, both on...

Export American natural gas? Not so fast, says Stanford economist

December 2012

FSI's Frank Wolak warns of betting against the international spread of shale gas technologies by attempting to export domestic natural gas.

PESD researchers assess natural gas in the U.S. and China

December 2012

PESD researchers commented in the new issue of the Stanford Energy Journal on what the “shale gas revolution” means for both the U.S. and China.

Canada’s new investment rules for oil sands target foreign NOCs

December 2012

PESD associate director Mark Thurber appeared on Canada’s Business News Network to discuss new government guidelines that promise greater scrutiny for future corporate takeovers in the oil sands by...

Wolak working on design and implementation of California’s cap-and-trade market

October 2012

Frank Wolak was appointed to the Emissions Market Assessment Committee (EMAC) of the California Air Resources Board.

The Climate Problem is a Coal Problem: PESD in Foreign Affairs

June 2012

In the current issue of Foreign Affairs, Richard Morse argues that the climate problem is a coal problem, and that coal is not going away anytime soon.

Join us at our conference on "The New U.S. Role in Global Fossil Fuel Markets"

June 2012

On Tuesday, December 11, 2012, the Program on Energy and Sustainable Development will host an all-day conference on "The New U.S.

Wolak presents at Energy Risk USA Conference

May 2012

PESD director Frank Wolak spoke on role of congestion revenue rights (CRRs) and financial transmission rights (FTRs) in improving energy market efficiency at the Energy Risk magazine’s 16th annual...

US on the verge of becoming major coal exporter

April 2012

As abundant domestic natural gas production erodes coal’s market share in the US, coal producers are looking to overseas markets for growth.


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