Scholarly Publications

Carbon intensity of electricity generation and CDM baseline: case studies of three Chinese provinces

December 2005

A difficult and persistent issue in the discussion of Clean Development Mechanism is estimating a carbon emissions baseline, against which tradable permits may be certified.

Baseline for carbon emissions in the Indian and Chinese power sectors: implications for international carbon trading

January 2005

This paper was published by Energy Policy in January 2005.The study examines the dynamics of carbon emissions baselines of electricitygeneration in Indian states and Chinese provinces in the...

Measuring the Clean Development Mechanism's Performance and Potential (WP #56)

July 2006

Global warming is one of the most difficult and important challenges facing the international community. To date, the most substantial effort to address this problem is the Kyoto Protocol.


Energy Policy publishes paper by PESD researchers

April 2005

Energy Policy, one of the world's leading journals on issues related to energy economics and politics, has published an article by PESD researchers Chi Zhang, Michael May, and Thomas Heller this...

Electricity-Market Reforms and Global Climate Change

September 2005

For nearly two decades, most major developing countries have struggled to introduce market forces in their electric power systems.

Nuclear power for India is good for us all, says PESD director David Victor

March 2006

Victor's opinion piece supports, on environmental grounds, the recent deal to expand India's commercial nuclear program.

Old Events

Energy Working Group talk: The Controversy over Chinese Wind in the Clean Development Mechanism: Implications for Strengthening Global Carbon Offset Policy

January 20, 2010

PESD researchers-Gang He and Richard Morse will be leading the talk on The Controversy over Chinese Wind in the Clean Development Mechanism: Implications for Strengthening Global Carbon Offset Policy.

2010 MIIS International Trade and Investment Conference: Opportunities and Strategies in Emerging Economies

March 12, 2010

PESD researcher Richard K. Morse to speak on the "Carbon Markets: Developing Countries & the Next Clean Development Mechanism" panel.

Guest Lecture: China’s Coal and Power Conflict and Its Broad Impacts

January 29, 2010

PESD researcher Gang He will be guest lecturing in Stanford University's China Energy System course on China’s coal and power conflict and its broad impacts on Chinese energy and climate policy.