Scholarly Publications

Nuclear Power: A Status Report

September 2006

Nuclear energy is undergoing a renaissance driven by two very loosely coupled needs; the first for much more energy to support economic growth worldwide, and the second to mitigate global warming...


U.S. shale gas prompts PRB coal producers to look to Asia

March 2013

In advance of the 2013 Pacific Energy Summit, which took place April 2-4 in Vancouver, Canada, PESD Associate Director Mark Thurber spoke with the National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR) about how...

Canada’s new investment rules for oil sands target foreign NOCs

December 2012

PESD associate director Mark Thurber appeared on Canada’s Business News Network to discuss new government guidelines that promise greater scrutiny for future corporate takeovers in the oil sands by...

Newsweek article on climate change by PESD director David Victor

June 2007

In Newsweek International, David Victor writes on geoengineering as a possible means to slow global warming if efforts to mitigate carbon emissions fall short.

Old Events

The New U.S. Role in Global Fossil Fuel Markets

December 11, 2012

As recently as 2007, the United States seemed headed towards ever greater fossil fuel import dependence, as domestic oil and natural gas production dwindled and consumption continued to grow.