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Scholarly Publications

Natural Gas and Geopolitics: From 1970 to 2040

December 2006

By most estimates, global consumption of natural gas - a cleaner-burning alternative to coal and oil - will double by 2030.

Nuclear Power: A Status Report

September 2006

Nuclear energy is undergoing a renaissance driven by two very loosely coupled needs; the first for much more energy to support economic growth worldwide, and the second to mitigate global warming...

Other Publications

Living With Coal: Climate Policy's Most Inconvenient Truth

September 2009


The big winner is coal

January 2009

Coal is looking like the energy winner in the current economic crisis, David Victor and Varun Rai say in Newsweek.

Victor, Cullenward discuss climate change in Boston Review

February 2007

In Boston Review's January/February 2007 issue, PESD Director David Victor and PESD researcher Danny Cullenward discuss why pursuing technologies that burn coal more cleanly is the "only practical...

PESD Participates in Seminar on Atlantic Basin Natural Gas Markets

August 2006

PESD co-sponsors a seminar with collaborators at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro to examine the shift to LNG in South America.