Public Forum: How Will Global Warming Affect the World's Fuel Markets?


  • Peter Hughes Peter Hughes,
  • Stu Dalton Stu Dalton,
  • Chip Blacker,
  • David G. Victor

The world is grappling with how to restructure its economies around lower carbon fuel sources. But the set of possible alternatives, especially concerning coal and natural gas, thrusts us into a complicated nexus of environmental and political outcomes. If we readjust our fuel consumption to emit less CO2 will that expose our economies to dangerous political risks lurking in the global fuel markets? Is coal the answer to our energy security worries? Join the Program on Energy and Sustainable Development as our panel of energy and political experts debate some of the hardest questions posed by today's global energy and geopolitical landscape.

» PESD Winter Coal Seminar 2009 (password protected)