International Studies Association 51st annual convention, "Theory vs. Policy? Connecting Scholars and Practitioners

New Orleans, LA

PESD Assistant Director Mark Thurber will be presenting a paper on oil governance at the International Studies Association 51st annual convention, "Theory vs. Policy?  Connecting Scholars and Practitioners."

In the paper, which is entitled "The Limits of Institutional Design in Oil Sector Governance: Exporting the ‘Norwegian Model,'" Mark and his co-authors (PESD affiliated researchers David Hults and Patrick Heller) draw examples from PESD's larger study of national oil companies to argue that separating policy, regulatory, and commercial functions in oil administration works well in Norway but is not the best prescription for all oil-producing countries.  As the premiere annual event of the ISA, which is the most widely known and respected scholarly association in the field of international studies, the conference in New Orleans attracts participants from around the world.