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Wolak's climate op-ed featured in the UK Guardian

PESD Director Frank Wolak explain how the unknown price tag of carbon and uncertainty of US National climate policy are impeding on investments for oil substitutes.

Burton Richter in Roll Call: US climate bill needs more support for energy R&D

PESD affiliated faculty Burton Richter argues in Roll Call that the climate bill passed by the US House of Representatives misses the mark on several fronts, especially in its inadequate funding for long-term research. The Senate must do better.

The Energy Trap: Why the United States is doomed to be an energy outlaw

Democrats voting in Ohio and Texas may well decide the shape of the U.S. presidential election. Regardless of who they choose to run against Sen. John McCain, the all but certain Republican candidate, it is likely that energy issues will figure more prominently in the election than at any time in the last generation.

The Oil Paradox

Although oil prices will eventually drop as new sources come online and biofuels and other alternatives take hold, crude price are likely to remain high and volatile for a while.

Wired Magazine interviews Jeremy Carl on Clean Coal

Clean coal is a possible answer for China and India, says Jeremy Carl, a PhD student in the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Environment and Resources at Stanford and a fellow at the Program on Energy and Sustainable Development. Mr. Carl describes clean coal options from desulfurization to integrated gasification-combined-cycle (IGCC) plants to carbon capture and sequestration.

National Security Consequences of U.S. Oil Dependency

National Security Consequences of U.S. Oil Dependency, a report by the Council on Foreign Relations Independent Task Force on Energy, concludes that the “lack of sustained attention to energy issues is undercutting U.S. foreign policy and U.S. national security.” The report goes on to examine how America’s dependence on imported oil—which currently comprises 60 percent of consumption— increasingly puts it into competition with other energy importers, notably the rapidly growing economies of China and India.

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