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PESD Research Project: Interim Findings

Thursday and Friday, April 19th and 20th, 2007
Bechtel Conference Center
Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies
616 Serra Street - Stanford, CA 94305-6055

The following presentations are not for attribution without permission. They are a result of a private meeting by invitation and are intended for reference by the workshop participants only.

The first day of the meeting examined the major issues and factors affect the performance and strategy of NOCs. The second day looked at the broader consequences for the world oil market, the structure of the oil industry and the next steps in PESD's research in this area.


Thursday, April 19th

Introduction to Study

Overview of major findings ( 197.47 KB )
Plan for the meeting

Government-NOC relations

Case study on Kuwait Petroleum Company
Study on oil rents ( 73.4 KB )
Initial comments

Investment Strategy and Taxation

Case study on Pemex ( 122.77 KB )
Initial comments on NIOC ( 640.76 KB )
Initial comments

Corporate Governance, Ownership and Decision-Making

Case study on PdVsa ( 311.33 KB )
Case study on CNPC ( 103.5 KB )
Initial comments

Transparency & Accountability

Case study on Gazprom ( 162.72 KB )
Initial comments
Initial comments on transparency ( 2.59 MB )


Case study on Petrobrás ( 140.9 KB )
Initial comments
Initial comments on opportunity and risk ( 3.18 MB )

Friday, April 20th

NOC-NOC and NOC-IOC Relations

Initial comments on Chinese NOCs ( 1.27 MB )
Initial comments

NOCs and the World Oil Market

Initial comments ( 2.88 MB )

Major Conclusions and Next Steps for PESD Study

Initial comments
Comments on Sonangol ( 121.91 KB )
Comments on ONGC ( 109.74 KB )

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