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Political Economy of Energy in India


This seminar will focus on the political economy of energy policy in India. It will focus on how the central, state and local governments in India balance the competing goals of alleviating poverty, protecting the environment, and assuring the financial viability of Indias energy companies. The course will track 4-5 case studies that allow in-depth examination of these tradeoffs. It will include a two week field trip to India from June 18-July 4, 2007.

Application Required. Applications due 5:00pm February 21st, 2007.

For questions about the class or application, please contact:

Mike Jackson, Encina Hall E413

(650) 725-7191

Course Number: 
ES 188/288;pending MS&E, Public Policy crosslist
Course Quarter: 
Course Year: 
2 006
Course Instructors: 
David G. Victor
David G. Victor
Course Type: 
For Credit