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Energy Law and Policy


This course will cover the major types of regulation and market oversight that apply to energy systems. Topics covered will include extraction of oil and gas; contracting and regulation of large infrastructure; siting and control of hazardous energy infrastructures such as refineries; operation and control of the international market for crude oil and products; regulation of electric power franchises; regulatory reform in electricity and gas; major environmental regulations that apply to the energy sector. Most of the course will be empirical, but attention will be given to major theories of market failure as well as theories from political economy that explain when, why and how governments regulate energy systems. Most case material will be drawn from the experience in the United States, but the course will also include comparisons with other countrie--notably in Western Europe and also in the major developing countries including Brazil, China and India. Case material will concentrate on national regulation, but topics of regulatory federalism will be addressed, as will attempts to coordinate regulatory actions across international borders such as through international treaties.

Course Number: 
LAW 455-0-01
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Course Year: 
2 006
Course Instructors: 
David G. Victor
David Victor
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For Credit